Past events

  • THYME Workshop: Proof of Concept Funding 25 September 2018. This workshop brought together staff from THYME universities to network and discuss possible collaborative projects, suitable for proof-of-concept funding from THYME.
  • THYME Entrepreneurship workshop 27-29 January 2019. This residential workshop provided fully funded specialist training for PhD students, post docs and other staff from the universities of Hull, York and Teesside. The course helped participants to understand the first steps to building a successful start-up in the bioeconomy.
  • THYME networking lunch 28 March 2019. This workshop gave staff from the three THYME universities an opportunity to network over lunch with researchers that shared an interest in science for the bioeconomy.
  • Anaerobic Digestion Regional Research Showcase 11 April 2019. This half-day event showcased the latest discoveries and innovation for AD from across the Yorkshire, Humber and Teesside region. Speakers included biologists, chemists, engineers and other AD scientists from both the public and private sectors.


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