Past events


  • THYME Workshop: Proof of Concept Funding, York 25 September 2018. This workshop brought together staff from THYME universities to network and discuss possible collaborative projects, suitable for proof-of-concept funding from THYME.
  • THYME Entrepreneurship workshop, York 27-29 January 2019. This residential workshop provided fully funded specialist training for PhD students, post docs and other staff from the universities of Hull, York and Teesside. The course helped participants to understand the first steps to building a successful start-up in the bioeconomy.
  • THYME networking lunch 28 March (York), 11 May (Hull) 2019. These workshops gave staff from the three THYME universities an opportunity to network over lunch with researchers that shared an interest in science for the bioeconomy.
  • Anaerobic Digestion Regional Research Showcase, Darlington 11 April 2019. This half-day event showcased the latest discoveries and innovation for AD from across the Yorkshire, Humber and Teesside region. Speakers included biologists, chemists, engineers and other AD scientists from both the public and private sectors.
  • THYME connecting with Industry in the Bioeconomy Enterprise Training Workshop, Darlington 12-14 May 2019. This event was designed for Early Career & Post Doctoral Researchers who are wishing to collaborate with industrial partners in the bioeconomy.
  • Natural ingredient innovation for flavours & fragrances, Goole 23 May 2019. This workshop considered innovation around the use of natural ingredients for flavours & fragrances in both the food & personal care industries.
  • THYME financing your bio-enterprise/bio-project in a low carbon economy future workshop, Hull 16-18 June 2019. This event was designed for Early Career & Post Doctoral Researchers who are wishing to collaborate with industrial partners in the bioeconomy.
  • Sustainabilty event, Hull 9th July 2019. This event covered Biomass and Waste to Energy in the context of Sustainability and Circular Economy: Latest advancements, innovations and strategic objectives (aimed at academic staff / researchers).
  • The Britest Toolkit for the bioeconomy: a THYME Innovation event, Darlington 12 September 2019. This event provided attendees with an appreciation of the capability of the Britest tools, to begin to understand their limitations, how they could be overcome and to recognise the challenges that lie in exploiting them in the broad bio-economy.
  • THYME Entrepreneurship Training, York 14th – 16th October 2019. This course was for PhD students, post docs and other staff from the universities of Hull, York and Teesside to explore the world of business start-ups, spin-outs and commercialisation in the bioeconomy.
  • Is the time right for small-scale AD? Leeds 17th October 2019. Conventional wisdom has been that – when it comes to commercially viable anaerobic digestion – bigger is better. But this may be changing, with increasing interest in small and micro-scale AD plants that can be used to charge farm vehicles or deal with domestic waste.
  • Energy & Clean Growth Conference Hull 5th November 2019. The University of Hull showcased the three partner universities and explained how the project is looking to work with industry partners.
  • Understanding Innovate UK funding and the role of the KTN 10th February 2020. The aim of this workshop was to introduce the format and strategy of Innovate UK funding, which is used to support business led innovation in the UK.
  • Symposium on Bioenergy, Solid Fuels & Catalysis 12-14 April 2021. The symposium on Bioenergy, Solid Fuels and Catalysis focused on challenges facing the sector with a view to help shape future collaborative research in the fields.
  • Compulsory collection of domestic food waste: implications for AD 13th April 2021. This free webinar discussed the implications of the compulsory collection of domestic food waste for the AD industry and how innovation can help.
  • Industrial Biotechnologies in the Process Industry Cluster 18th May 2021. This webinar to highlighted the opportunities within Industrial Biotechnology to organisations within the Chemical Process Industry.
  • THYME Online Workshop – Building a network: Small markets for local production and consumption 24th – 25th May 2021. Participants of this workshop discovered the latest research findings about farmers markets, small production and local economies, and had the opportunity to create networks with other people working on the same economic activity from various perspectives (producers, businesses, market managers, academics).
  • Royal Society Summer Science 2021 8th – 11th July 2021. Researchers from the universities of York and Teesside were awarded a place at the Royal Society Summer Science 2021. Their activities focused on the microbes that turn sewage sludge, food waste and crop residues into energy and fertiliser using anaerobic digestion.
  • THYME Entrepreneurship Workshop: Let’s talk about money 3rd – 24th November 2021. Online training followed by one-to-one mentoring with experts in aspects of making your bioeconomy business a reality.
  • Intellectual Property Workshop for Bio-based Companies and Entrepreneurs 17th November 2021. An interactive IP workshop for bio-based companies and entrepreneurs delivered by BioVale and Secerna. The workshop provided an introduction to intellectual property rights, a networking lunch and one-to-one mentoring from Secerna LLP.
  • The Future of Digestate Use on Farmland 23rd November 2021. This interactive workshop explored how changes to the policy and subsidy landscape might impact on the use of digestate, from the AD process, as a fertiliser.


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