Case study; education resources for schools, colleges and community groups


30th August 2022

Case study; education resources for schools, colleges and community groups

As part of the THYME Project, we have worked with schoolteachers from Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire to develop educational resources around the core themes and concepts of the Bioeconomy, including sustainability and the transition from fossil fuels to renewable resources as part of a zero-carbon future. The activities are designed to be embedded into the curriculum while providing opportunities for outdoor learning.

“These are the future leaders, the ones who are going to be going on into these important jobs in the Bioeconomy. We need to prepare them, and that includes the early provision of information, knowledge and skills.” Dr Florence Halstead, School of Education, University of Hull.

The next generation has a key part to play in the sustainability and future of the Bioeconomy but how do we ensure that the key concepts, core elements and issues are successfully embedded in the education system, to build awareness of the Bioeconomy and the range of career opportunities available as part of a sustainable future.

This project focused on this key challenge, drawing on the expertise of experienced educators, volunteer services and educational institutions to determine how we can best support teachers in developing and implementing a suite of new resources. These packs help to equip young people with a greater understanding and awareness of the wealth of career options that are available to them in this important sector.

These education resources offer differentiated activities and lesson plans and are designed to make links with various subject curriculums, including geography, science, maths, English, citizenship and PSHE, as well as offering students an insight into potential careers in the Bioeconomy.

One of the key outcomes of the project was the creation of two resource packs, the first introducing the Bioeconomy, in terms of the broader picture, background and context, and a second, which focuses on how to put the concepts into practice.

The packs are available here and are also uploaded to Tes, formerly the Times Educational Supplement, which is the highest profile online resource for teachers online in the UK. These downloadable resources are available free of charge and are also soon to be posted on the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) website.

The packs contain a wealth of information in a wide range of formats from powerpoint presentations and lesson plans to ideas for outdoor activities, extended projects and ‘how to’ videos.

It is hoped that the packs are well-received by educators and that this drives an appetite for further development of resources on the Bioeconomy. If future projects go ahead, one key area of focus would be further teacher training to encourage buy in and advocacy.

Key facts:

Access all 29 resources here

Five teachers in the education steering group

Partners: Withernsea High School/ERVAS/Leconfield project

Packs feature outdoor learning

Packs include practical advice and activities


The THYME project partners are