THYME Online Workshop – Building a Network: Small Markets for Local Production and Consumption


THYME Online Workshop – Building a Network: Small Markets for Local Production and Consumption

Are you a small-scale producer? Are you a small market trader? Are you a local council officer or a community member working in order to support sustainability and economic prosperity in your area? Are you a researcher or a teacher interested in small production, small markets and local economies?

The Energy and Environment Institute and the Department of Geography, Geology and Environment of the University of Hull are inviting you to attend this two day online workshop, as part of the THYME Project.

The workshop will be run across two days;

Monday 24th May 3pm-5pm

Tuesday 25th May 1pm-3pm

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The workshop aspires to bring together academics, students, market traders, producers and businesses, along with community members and local authorities, who are working on local production, sustainability, the role of small local markets in supporting local producers and consumers. The focus is on allowing time and space for creating collaborations between small producers, academia, policy-making concerning local economies, small production processes and sustainable arrangement in production and distribution of goods and services.

We are particularly interested in how small producers and small markets cope with the economic challenges that the COVID19 pandemic created and how local economies have been (or have not been) able to serve their local communities.

Participants will get to know the latest research findings about farmers markets, small production and local economies, and will have the opportunity to create networks with other people working on the same economic activity from various perspectives (producers, businesses, market managers, academics).


Call for Presenters 

Submission of a paper or text is not necessary for an attendee to participate and share their experiences and ideas at the workshop. However, if you would like to present a short talk or display a poster at the workshop, please submit a 150 word abstract with a short summary of what you would like to present. Presentation time will not exceed 5 minutes for each contribution to allow discussion and debate. For more information, please see

For abstract submissions, please submit these to by no later than 12th May 2021.


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