Symposium on Bioenergy, Solid Fuels & Catalysis


Symposium on Bioenergy, Solid Fuels & Catalysis

On 12-14 April 2021, the University of Hull is hosting an international symposium on innovation in Bioenergy, Solid Fuels and Catalysis to enable new collaborative partnerships and we’d be delighted if you could attend.

We will focus on challenges facing the sector with the aim of stimulating potential collaborative research and, with that in mind, have invited leading figures from industry and academia to get involved.

The event is suitable for academics and industry specialists with an interest in the production of low carbon energy and sustainable chemicals via bio-based processes. Attendees may choose from one to three themed sessions in Bioenergy, Solid Fuels and Catalysis and listen to presentations, discuss current and future innovations and share experiences with colleagues. Networking sessions are included to facilitate future collaborative and cross-disciplinary research.

A wide range of key topics will be covered, based on the overarching principles of green chemistry and a move away from fossil fuels including: the sustainability of energy production; waste minimisation; energy efficiency; low carbon energy generation technologies; solid bio-fuels; repurposing of biomass waste; and the use of heterogeneous catalysis. We will also look at inclusivity in the Bioeconomy sector and training the chemists/engineers of the future.

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