THYME funds new research to boost the bioeconomy across Yorkshire, Teesside and the Humber


13th November 2019

THYME funds new research to boost the bioeconomy across Yorkshire, Teesside and the Humber

The THYME project has awarded a total of £238,500 to six projects aimed at addressing challenges for the region’s bioeconomy. Key themes among the projects are: advanced biofuels, the creation of value from industrial waste streams and the production of high-value products through fermentation. Each project features partners from two of the three THYME universities (Hull, York and Teesside), as well as an industrial partner. The THYME project has now awarded a total of £523,400 in total across two rounds of funding.

A microbubble bioreactor to facilitate rapid growth of the extremophile Galdieria to convert waste bio-glycerol and waste jewellery acid to high-value phycocyanin.

Developing a cheaper process for using single-cell algae in the production of high-value chemicals from industrial waste streams.

·       Lead institution: University of York (Seth Davis)

·       Partner institution: Teesside University (Claudio Angione)

·       Industry partners:  Perlemax, Airedale Chemical, Brocklesby


Enhanced ethanol production in yeast through implementation of unexplored redox balancing pathways

Strategies to produce improved strains of microorganisms used in the conversion of biomass into biofuel, so that efficiency and yield are increased and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.

·       Lead institution: Teesside University (Hong Goa)

·       Partner institution: University of York (Tony Larson)

·       Industry partner:  Ingenza Ltd


Reclaiming lignin rich sludge after enzymatic hydrolysis for repurposing into a secondary fuel source for thermochemical transformation

Turning a waste stream from biofuel production into a new source of renewable bioenergy.

·       Lead institution: University of Hull (Vicky Skoulou)

·       Partner institution: BDC (Peter Hurst)

·       Industry partner:  Jesmond Engineering


Improving pervaporation efficiency for butanol recovery for fermentation downstream (PV membrane design)

Designing and testing membranes for the separation and recovery of solvents used in fermentation.

·       Lead institution: University of Hull (Xuebin Ke)

·       Partner institution: BDC (Mark Gronnow)

·       Industry partner: Nanjing Industrial Technology Research Institute Membrane (NIM)


Extraction of higher value methyl esters from mixed waste methyl ester stream

Developing a protocol and a business case for extracting high-value chemicals from a waste stream generated in the production of biodiesel.

·       Lead institution: BDC (Raymond Sloan)

·       Partner institution: University of Hull (Dipesh Patel)

·       Industry partner: Argent Energy


Scale-up of the production of immune regulating and anti-inflammatory proteins from the probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (Probiotic protein production scale-up)

·       Lead institution: University of Teesside (Mosharraf Sarker)

·       Partner institution: BDC (Joe Bennett)

·       Industry partner: CHAIN Biotechnology Ltd

Building on a previous THYME PC project, this project aims to scale-up the production of bacterial proteins used in the treatment of conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.


Applications are now open for the third and final round of funding. Find out more and apply.


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