The Britest Toolkit for the bioeconomy: A THYME Innovation Event, September, Darlington


The Britest Toolkit for the bioeconomy: A THYME Innovation Event, September, Darlington

The Britest Toolkit for the bioeconomy: a THYME Innovation Event

Thursday 12th September 10:00 till 16:00
Seminar Room, National Horizons Centre, Darlington, DL1 1HG

Britest is a not for profit consortium of companies and Universities who have developed a set of tools which aim  to assist users in gaining deep insight into the behaviour of processes or systems. Importantly, the Britest tools and expertise provide a structured approach to enable organisations to translate knowledge into business value.

THYME is a collaboration between the Universities of Teesside, Hull and York to boost the bioeconomy across Yorkshire, the Humber region and the Tees Valley.

With their roots in chemical based processes, Britest have recently extended the applicability of their toolkit to encompass bioprocesses, predominantly in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The breadth and diversity of potential bio-applications within THYME is much broader and is likely to challenge the Britest toolkit beyond the biopharmaceutical sector.

The purpose of this THYME event is to provide attendees with an appreciation of the capability of the Britest tools, to begin to understand their limitations, how they could be overcome and to recognise the challenges that lie in exploiting them in the broad bio-economy.

The event will feature presentations from CPI on industrial challenges and opportunities within the sector and a series of challenge – led interactive workshops to develop potential solutions to these challenges utilising the Britest toolkit.

The ideas generated within these workshops may lead to potential funding applications, (including THYME or other funders) to develop these concepts further.

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